International Institute for Foot and Ankle Surgery

The International Institute for Foot and Ankle Surgery (IIFAS) embarks on successful medical missions annually; this year IIFAS has decided to embark upon the town Comayagua in Honduras. Headed by Dr. Joseph D. Giovinco DPM FACFAS (Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia Founder, NYCPM Alumni) and Dr. Gregory Alvarez DPM FACFAS (Ankle and Foot Centers Associate) this Georgia-based non-profit organization delivers quality foot and ankle care to impoverished communities in third world countries. IIFAS offers the citizens of this Central American nation the same standard of podiatric medical care as their United States counterparts.

In order for this medical mission trip to be successful we will need to be equipped with a surplus of  medical hardware and supplies. This 5 day podiatric campaign should effectively treat over 100 patients in a clinical and surgical setting. The vast majority of these patients will make the pilgrimage to the campaigns base of operations at the Medico Centro San Benito Jose hospital. However, excursions to rural mountain villages will enable the team to offer in home visits to some of Honduras more financially burdened citizens.

For the trip, after initial treatment and screening, a typical days’ work thereafter will consist of morning surgical rounds, followed by serial castings, clubfoot operations and reconstructive surgeries of the foot and leg. Rather than simply providing transient relief from these podiatric ailments, the central mission of the IIFAS is to not only deliver high quality podiatric surgical care to the impoverished, but to empower indigenous health care providers to continue to offer that same level of care themselves by means of training and education. IIFAS does this with teaching of medical and surgical techniques for the correction of clubfoot deformities. The Institute also sets up centers of excellence for the treatment of the clubfoot deformity and trains the local physicians how to provide excellent care for this foot deformity that ails their communities.

This continuing effort will be made possible by both the local ancillary services offered by the Medico Centro San Benito Jose hospital, as well as the overwhelming support of local residents and hospital staff. In addition to volunteer translation service and medical assistance, these local citizens will also provide travel and housing arrangements to the campaigns members. This integration and cooperation with the native cultural community remains an important touchstone of what the IIFAS aspires to offer.